The major mission of the Lexington Woman’s Club is to provide new and “gently used” clothing to underprivileged kindergarten through 5th grade children in Fayette County schools.  The Clothing Center, a two story house, serves as the shopping center for the children and houses our inventory. The project which started in an oversized closet at the Ashland School has grown from a $250 budget providing clothes to 175 school children to a $40,000 budget providing clothes to over 1,000 school children.   Volunteers help the children shop during the months of August through November.
Some annual statistics for recent years follow:

  • Over 1,300 volunteer hours annually at the Clothing Center.  Children came from 28 schools.
  • During a sample year, the club provided: 5,050 pairs of socks; 4,950 underwear; 1,242, sweatshirts; 640 sweatpants; 576 jeans; 725 coats; 212 uniform pants; and 360 uniform shirts.
  • Sparkle bags consisting of toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, combs, and face cloths plus age related books were provided to each child. 




Clothing Center House
choosing a book
Girl's fun shelf
Boys' Coat Room
Girl Shopping
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Clothing Center
Girl's Fun Shelf
Choosing a Book: Click for a Large Picture
Boys' Coat Room: Click for a Large Picture:
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LWC Volunteers
LWC Volunteers: Click for a Large Picture

Clothing Center