Making a positive difference in our community is at the core of the Lexington Woman’s Club. Our organization traces its roots back to March 12, 1948 when a group of young women met at the home of Mrs. H.T. Greathouse to organize a Lexington Younger Woman’s Club. A KFWC Charter was presented to newly elected President Mrs. Greathouse on April 6. Each of the 20 charter members was given the privilege of extending membership to one friend. This allowed the number of members to double as the work of the newly formed club began its 1948-49 club year.

The club became officially known as the Lexington Woman’s Club in 1950. The goals, hopes and dreams of our original club founders are the driving force behind our members today. We are committed to carrying out the ideals set forth in 1948 by our founders.

Our continuing community improvement project began in 1948. The club’s Public Welfare department endowed the club with the Clothing Center. This project started in an oversized closet at the Ashland School. Volunteers worked within a $250 budget and successfully dressed 175 school children with donated clothing the first year. This project has grown dramatically over the years.

Last year club members dressed approximately 1,600 Fayette County elementary school children. Since the project began we have dressed over 60,000 children. The Clothing Center is currently located in a home directly behind the Fayette County Board of Education offices. This home provides a caring atmosphere for the children plus ample storage space for the large inventory of donated and purchased clothing and books.

Funds to operate our Clothing Center are direct results of volunteer efforts and community support. Our Bids For Kids fundraising event today is possible in great part to the generos­ity of individuals and business owners in the Lexington community who want to share in our goal of helping these children. Bids For Kids began in 1994 and has prospered over the years to become our greatest fundraising success.

Our companion fundraiser, Clothe-A-Child, was established in the late 1980s. This on-going fundraiser solicits $50 donations from individuals and community businesses. The funds are used to purchase new clothing for the children at discounted prices.

In addition to clothing Fayette County children, the Lexington Woman’s Club sponsors scholarships at the University of Kentucky for female, nontraditional, undergraduate students. We also sponsor a cash scholarship each year to a High School Senior in Fayette County who has exemplified community service through extensive volunteer work